About Us

Manufacturing company ALMIKO was founded in 1996.

ALMIKO Ltd produces Printed Circuit Boards and prototypes PCBs in short time with market comparable prices in Europe, Latvia.

Directions of activity:

  • doublesided PCB production in small and middle series with electrical test (Mania);
  • design of topology of PCB;
  • producing metal stencils for SMD;
  • deep etch metals (copper, bronze, stainless steel);
  • metal surface treatment (Ni covering, Al passivation);
  • making stencils for silkscreen printing;
  • fast making phototools.

Annual turnover: 400 000 EUR/year, 200 m2 of PCB per month

Employees: 20

Floorspace: 1200m2

Single-sided PCB, Double-sided PCB, Other PCB.

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